Salacious Luna Luna Cosplay


While scrolling through cosplays, I came upon this particular set of photos that was certainly getting a lot of attention. Seemingly, at first it seems like an original cosplay. But to my surprise and after a bit of researching, I have found out that this is a cosplay of Luna Luna, a character from an actual anime called Queen’s Blade Rebellion. It’s the second season of the series, Queen’s Blade. Originally, a gamebook turned anime, this franchise is famous for not only its fan service and storyline, but also for its all-star Japanese voice actor cast.

We all know that there are times when an anime character designs can be over sexualized. This is true especially for those genres that are geared towards male otaku viewers. Most of the times these costumes are too skimpy so it normally wouldn’t be expected let alone ideal for cosplaying. However, despite of all the criticisms, there will always be those who are gutsy enough and will happily take on the task. Like Nonsummerjack. What do you think of her cosplays?


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