Kaguya Luna Virtual Youtuber Cosplay by Yuki Neko


With the advent of technology we now have virtual singers who hold virtual concerts, virtual actors, and now even virtual youtubers hosts! Meet the energetic and free-spirited Kaguya Luna, a Japanese virtual youtuber who’s voice actress’s identity is yet to be confirmed. Unlike most virtual youtubers who aim to be all cute and happy, this virtual youtuber is the opposite. She may look like she’s cute but she has quite the arrogant personality and is often harsh and I guess there are people out there who like it. I guess it helps that she’s a virtual youtuber and not a real person, else she’d be getting the flames, but without an actual person to “hurt” it’s just not that satisfying for the trolls I guess. Yuki Neko is real (or I believe she is real) and she looks gorgeous in this cosplay.

Now she has people cosplaying her! This is cosplayer, Yuki Neko, in collaboration with KFilm Uterus to Universe for this photo collection of her portrayal as the mouthy Kaguya Luna.


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