Captain Liliana by Yuki no Hana Cosplay & Art


It’s always great learning about cosplayers who are great at what they do, and look sexy while doing it. Well… here’s Yuki no Hana Cosplay, a.k.a. Perla! She’s an italian cosmaker and model and this time she’s cosplaying as Captain Liliana from Queen’s Blade: Rebellion.

Here at SexyFandom, we’re huge lovers of beautiful women as well as beautiful photos — after all, the photographers’ work should also be complimented! Both them and the cosplayer are a team that delivers amazing final results.

And here you have it, directly from Perla’s page, the photoshoot of Captain Liliana. Doesn’t this woman look gorgeous? Yes, she does! Perla nails it with her wonderfully constructed outfit and the photographers shows their best skills in setting the mood. What do you think overall? Would you board her ship?

To see more of Perla’s work, check out her page. Photos were taken by Christian Scott and Marco de Rizzo.


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