Purrfectly Adorable Neko Cosplay


Lunar New Year is coming up and it’s going to be the start of the year of the monkey. But it seems like cosplayer, N-apoleon (she’s a girl!), said she chose to cosplay Neko(means “cat” in Japanese) as her first cosplay in 2016 to welcome the new year. I guess cats are a lucky anyway, so it’s all good, yes?

N-apoleon is a cosplayer from China and is now currently in Japan. As a graduate of East China University of Techology, she does band vocals and is particular about scenography design. N-apoleon is also a fan of franchises such as Touhou Project, Vocaloid, and Macross Frontier.

The character N-apoleon cosplayed is called Neko, a character from the anime, K Project. She’s playful, curious and cheerful much like a cat in human form. Neko is a picky eater but quite the glutton who’s always hungry and complains a lot when she isn’t fed. Aside from that she doesn’t really seem harmful…if you set aside her supernatural powers – gravity manipulation, illusions, memory manipulation, transformations, sensory disruption…etc.


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