Hot lrma Cosplay by Stella Chuu


There’re so many cosplayers in this world but only a few can pull off this look flawlessly, don’t you agree? She’s Stella Chuu, an international cosplayer, model, and Youtuber from LA who’s been capturing the hearts of many by her elaborate cosplays, captivating looks and super hot physique!

She cosplayed the hot assassin, Irma from Queen’s Blade, at SDCC (San Diego Convention Center) a few years ago where she gained positive comments for her very elaborate Irma cosplay.

These photos were taken by Kayhettin.

Irma Cosplay by Stella Chuu

Irma Cosplay by Stella Chuu

This photo was taken by Jason Chau.

Queen's Blade: Irma

Queen’s Blade: Irma

In a world where queens who rule the land are determined through a tournament, conspiracies are always inevitable. To lessen the number of possible opponents and increase the probability of winning, some fighters hire assassins to eliminate other fighters. Irma is one of those cold-hearted assassins.


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