Stella Chuu is a Dragon Ball Z Hottie


Dragon ball must be the longest running anime of all time. Since 1986, Dragon ball has gained many viewers and fans by its beautiful narrative filled with action, comedy, drama, and romance. The diverse collection of characters in this series made it even more interesting too. However, most viewers are wondering about how will the series end now that there have been more adaptations, sequels, and side-stories that have been released after the series?

Well, let us not worry about it yet and just enjoy this stunning Dragon ball Z gender bent cosplays by Stella Chuu, an international cosplayer from LA.

Vegeta Cosplay by Stella Chuu

Vegeta Genderbent Cosplay by Stella Chuu

Stella wore this cosplay in Funimation Convention 2016. This photo was taken by Justin Morrison


This bikini was designed by Shelby Tejnin inspired from Gokuu’s uniform.


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