Final Fantasy 7’s Yuffie by Stella Chuu at Dragon Con 2015


Ah, Final Fantasy 7! The iconic roleplaying game on the very first Playstation that spurred the whole world’s interest (at least the teens and young adults at that time) in console RPGs. Although Square-Enix (then Squaresoft) had earlier RPG hits (Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger to name a few) in the previous generation console at the time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), none were so as critically received into the mainstream gaming consciousness as their first 3D title, Final Fantasy 7. This game was the seventh installment in their long-running Final Fantasy franchise. I have seriously fond memories of this epic game, having played the hell out of it for a couple of months back then, in the prime of my high school days. I even played it with my friends, whenever we hung out at my bud’s house. Ah, good times those were! But enough of my memories and on to the cosplayer!

Stella Chuu is a veteran cosplayer and one of the top names in the cosplaying industry. Crowned as the “Anime Princess of Burlesque” and known for stellar (pun, I know) cosplays, Stella has been a professional model and cosplayer for over 4 years now. She mentions that she started the hobby in high school, but only started becoming serious four years ago, back in 2011. Now, she’s up there at the top with the likes of Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri and Linda Le as paragons of cosplay. Stella always brings her A-game and this Yuffie rendition of hers is definitely no exception. I love it!

A couple of quick (gaming nerd) notes on Yuffie. She’s an optional (secret) character in Final Fantasy 7 and it’s up to you whether you want her in your world-saving team or not. A tomboyish ninja-mercenary, Yuffie is the youngest member of the group and prefers to use awkwardly huge shurikens for her combat weapon.

Stella Chuu has an official website and an online store. She also has a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel for her social media outlets.

Credits to Dave Yang Photography (first photo) and WhiteDesertSun Photography (second photo) for the pictures, taken from this year’s Dragon Con at Atlanta, Georgia last September 4 to 7.

Stella Chuu's Yuffie
Stella Chuu's Yuffie
Final Fantasy 7's Yuffie


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