Everyone On Summer Break

Summer time! Cosplay fans do you know what that means? It means it’s the time for you to see your favorite cosplayers dress up and hit the beach.

One of the things I like about hardcore cosplayers is that they always have something ready something for their fans for each season. That said, you can expect some of your favorite anime and game characters to be at the beaches or swimming pools for photoshoots and videoshoots. I know some of you are probably asking, “So where are the photos?” right now, so just incase you don’t know where to look, please know that SexyFandom’s got you covered. So keep checking the site for updates from time to time, yeah?

For now, how about a cosplay from the gorgeous Xiàměi jiàng? This one is of Fate/Grand Order’s infamous Lancer. Normally you’d see her dressed in her default black outfit but since it’s summer time, how bout this one? This costume is based on an illustration made by Hirokazu Koyama for Fate/Grand Order Assassin stage 4.

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