Masuimi Max is the Malibu Cavewoman


Masuimi Max is back and this time she brings a bit of my own childhood growing up. Much like a certain (sadly no longer with us) old friend, I too grew up a bit with of Eartha Kitt as my errrm, ‘bedtime reading’. Some of these poses remind me very much of Kitt and a lot of the models who came after her with the B-movie craze. When I see Masuimi Max in the cavewoman outfit, I can’t help but think back to those movies I’d watch as a kid. It was the dawn of the strong female role in the movies. For those who are too young to remember, there was a definitive shift between a female as passive object and a female as mistress of her destiny in the cinema.

People like Kitt paved the way for Masuimi Max and it really is something to see a possible unintentional tribute to that strength and beauty. I won’t wax about sexuality and the portrayal of the brutish, but it’s here. What is also here are more than a few really awesome shots that I can’t show you (including one where Masuimi is teasing the camera…with a bit too much NSFW areas exposed). If you love the wild–powerful–portrayal of what sexuality can be then you really need to see this shoot. It is rather fantastic and striking.

79 photos by Morat Photography

Cavewoman basking in the sun in Malibu, California. Special thanks to Donell Morgan for making my costume!

XOXO, Masuimi

P.S. The last few days I have been leaving early and coming home really late from my training to be on this tv show.. I have to be up at 7am tomorrow for boot camp, wrestling and kickboxing. Oh my goodness, I am so sore from the last few days I feel like a bruised banana! LOL! We work out till 1pm, so I should be home around 3pm.. then I get to chill and work on the computer! Things have been really exciting, I’ll share more soon!

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