Gamer Girl Tricky_Nymph Shows off in Skirt


Gamer girls, like Tricky_Nymph, simply make the world a better place. And, there is no denying she’s a true gamer. Only a real gamer would have a gamer chair like hers, be willing to get an adorable Kirby tattoo, and rock the old school Playstation logo. When gamer girls are as gorgeous as this, we should all be thankful.

I’m simply stunned by this performer’s gorgeous face, and more importantly her energy. She is so upbeat and you can tell that she is confident in her own body. And, what’s not to be confident about. She has stunning eyes, pouty lips, and awesome purple and blue hair. But, probably the best thing about watching her is her sexy dance moves. Girl’s got skills!

Cassie! I love nature, video games, anime and making others happy =] I’m a mom to 7 cats, 2 doggos and 1 human. I can be a bit shy at times but open up more when I’m online talking to you guys. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


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