RazorCandi’s Stunning Fashion Spell


RazorCandi is always amazing with her photo sets, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her high level of creativity to take everything she has to allow her energy to stand out in an impressive way.

The changing colors on her hair are gorgeous to watch, and every time RazorCandi strikes a pose your heart skips a beat because of her natural beauty, which causes her to look so comfortable and relaxed that you’ll plainly see how easy it is for her to project an air of sensuality with what appears to be little effort.

The look RazorCandi has in this set makes her look worthy of being in the cover of a prestigious rock album, and while here you will only get to see her in lingeire (what’s wrong with that?) there is a lot to focus on for you to not even notice this as you take in every image as one would sip a fine wine.



A collaboration between myself and Amanda Tea’s Penny Dreads & Wigs. I’m wearing her amazing ombre styles. It’s always both an exciting and fun endeavor when the opportunity arises to model for a designer or company. In this set you will see the fashion side of RazorCandi!




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