RazorCandi Ready For Some Discipline


RazorCandi brings you more of her powerful dominant style and perfect temptress attitude with a set that sees her dressed in a skimpy shiny suit that displays her gorgeous figure while it hints at her naughty bits as it continues to feed that submissive fantasy you’ve got where you obey her every command.

She’s got an item to play with on this set: a spanking cane, and the way she poses with it, all sensual and inviting, will make you crave her using it on you at all times to make you aroused, good and obedient.

There are many more great RazorCandi styles to behold, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than with her awesome Art Book, which contains more of her unique works of art that arouse you and impress you with her creativity.

A collaboration between myself and Leyland Craftwork. I’m using her Mature BDSM 24″ Delrin Cane. It’s always both an exciting and fun endeavor when the opportunity arises to model for a designer or company. In this set you will see the fashion side of RazorCandi!


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