Wanna Play Games With Anzu?


Aww, would you look at that cute, little—woops, wait. Hold up, before you call the cops on me for giving you jail bait, let me just say that although her cosplayed character may indeed be underage but the cosplayer, Gui Shu, is most certainly not. So, chill.

Gui Shu has always been interested in fandoms like “Vocaloid” and “Love Live!” so of course, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her gravitating towards “THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls”. Her chose character to cosplay might even be a little like herself! Anzu Futaba, is a 17-year-old girl whose interests solely revolve in playing games, watching anime, reading manga, and sleeping a lot. Anzu hates the idea of work so becomes an idol believing she’ll be able to live off of her earnings from being in the entertainment business. In most cases, she is lazy –but I’m pretty sure this aspect is where Gui Shu and Anzu differ!


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