Bookworm Seductress RazorCandi

Before I start telling you about this magnificent RazorCandi set, I want to take a moment to remind you about the Kickstarter campaign that she has launched to help her publish her coffee table artbook, and which you can support by checking out her project’s video, or by reading about the Kickstarter campaign to get the full picture of the goodness that awaits. That being said, let’s move on to the gracious and erotic set that she has for you:

Imagine sifting through a collection of Allan Poe’s stories before this gorgeous entity gives way to the erotic pleasures of the flesh and entices you to join her in a livid interaction, where the intensity and raw sensuality are so strong that you will be left fantasizing constantly about the encounter as you remember every detail of her gorgeous self: from her deep black hair like the calmest night, to her white, smooth skin that stands wrapped in a geeky outfit, tailored to awaken your deepest desires of being seduced by a woman with knowledge of the occult, and with a marked taste for the forbidden, a woman that basks in knowledge and is just looking for somebody to share her discoveries with.

She continues to tempt you by slowly revealing more of her skin, with that intimate, yet reserved air at first, only to give in to passion and become a total seductress while she shows you her naked body, and uses the books around her as vintage covers for her nudity to heighten your senses and increase your appetite for her seductive company until she can’t keep her lust at bay anymore and it overflows in a wave of pure pleasure and she proceeds to show you how she pleases herself, while you stare completely mesmerized at the arousing setting. This is the fantasy that you can live with every image from this set where she appears inspired by Ligeia from the Edgar Allan Poe tale. Hopefully, a href=”” target=”_blank”>RazorCandi will soon have her own book to inspire others.




Thought this would be a fun theme for the Back to School season! Nothing like a gothic bookworm digging into a collection of spooky Ghost stories by some of the most renowned dark poets and macabre masterminds. Sinister stories of death and horror would scare most but I’m a little different than most 😉




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