The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 11: Saving The Pride Con


Sad to say, this is the part one of a two-part season finale of Myx TV’s reality TV show, The Doll Life. The eleventh episode is entitled, Saving Pride Con.

After a long time, Ashphord showed up and it has been a while since the others had seen her. If you guys could remember, she disappeared with the almost naked guy and missed the photo shoot. As an apology, she gave the dolls “gifts”, that are really (for Cyril) a t-shirt with Angel’s face on it, or for Paula, it was a shirt showing Stephanie beating her picture up (from their so-called therapy session), for Stevie is a leggings with Stephanie’s face on his crotch area and for Stephanie, it was Audra‘s face.

Audra finally came to visit, when it seems like everyone’s too busy preparing for Pride Con, and Paula and Cyril discussed the issue with Audra. After exchanging opinions professionally, Audra told Cyril that she can’t help if that’s how she is and she thanked Cyril for listening. Cyril is open to the idea of Audra coming back in the future BUT this did not make Paula happy at all.

Not that I’m anti-Stephanie but sometimes, Stephanie’s so full of herself that she just drown into whatever she had decided to do. She thought she could take over Paula’s job and prove to everyone that she’s better than anyone, when actually, she can’t be any better. Her only defense mechanism against Paula (or any other person she decided to attack), is cursing. And Stephanie, telling Long that she can handle THAT – which means, the Pride Con, selling badges and just a THOUSAND tickets in a short time, proves my opinion about Stephanie.

Two weeks before Pride Con, Stephanie received a lot of angry calls from the designers she booked because they don’t have any idea if there will even be a Pride Con. A week before Pride Con, Stevie sold 19 tickets and Paula sold 11 and that’s still a long way for the thousand tickets they need to sell. Long came shortly to deliver the devastating news — Pride Con got cancelled. It was a very sad news for everyone who worked all those weeks and sleepless nights preparing. Because this plan failed, Stephanie claimed that she never told the now-very-angry Paula that she said she will take her job. Nobody needs to say it out loud to really know what Stephanie was saying back then, right?


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