The Doll Life Season 2 episode 1


After last season, I thought that the drama of being in the fashion and modelling business is finally over, but there is no such thing as happily ever after in real life…at least for now.

“Audra Has a Dirty Secret,” the first episode of the season 2 of Myx TV’s The Doll Life, started with Cyril calling a meeting with the management staff namely the manager, Paula, her assistant Stevie and Head Model Stephanie. When Stevie and Stephanie mentioned that Paula was always late and never get scolded for it, I think that they’re right but not all of them are perfect. Stevie has his own weak moments as well as Stephanie. I think it’s just common sense to divide Paula’s work to the members of the management team since they seem to know more than what Paula knows, particularly on how to run the fashion shows. Especially Stephanie who seems like she knows it all and blames Paula for everything. I wonder if Stephanie will be able to make a great outcome if she’s the one to run the show.

When the part where Audra and Ashphord came in to the scene, it seems shady why they were called for the meeting an hour after the actual start…like it was intentional that it made them feel like an outsider and not part of the company. They are part of the company, after all, because a runway without models is not a runway at all. This episode is full of showing people how they put a wall between the “management team” and the models. This also shows how Stephanie reacts when nobody else is there but makes a goody-two shoes when in front of the others. At times, she has a point, but most of the times it’s more of just her backstabbing the others and extra backstabbing other models, especially Audra, too.

I think most of us would feel like Stephanie doesn’t like Audra to be part of the team especially when Tiffany, the volunteer model, came into the picture and told them that on the internet people say that Audra does fetish porn and it really feels like, as Stevie had said, Tiffany sabotaging Audra because Cyril picked Audra over her and Audra is actually nice even when she’s not in front of them. I think it is nice that Audra is doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book of her photos and art and you know a coffee table book is not going to be fetish porn.

This episode is full of emotions and surprises and although there are unpleasant people, I’d love to see what would happen in the next episode.


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