Star Wars Fans in the Wrong Line


Star Wars fanatical fans tend to be very very committed. They are so into their fandom focus that they can remain committed no matter how bad the Star Wars movies get. The original Star Wars was so important to cinema and culture that it seems inconceivable that Jar Jar Binks and that horrible cutesy little child could have been injected into the franchise. Nonetheless Star Wars fans will queue up months in advance of a screening. This time around, they are lining up outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where many movies premiere and open in Los Angeles. The studio told Variety that it does not intend to open there but at the newer state of the art Arclight a few blocks away. Star Wars fanatics don’t all believe this and swear that previous movies which did open at Mann’s were rumored to be opening elsewhere beforehand. And it would suck for them to see the movie on the second day it was out. (via CNN)

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