Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies


If you thought you read that book cover and it said something freakish like Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies, your mind is not playing tricks on you. Yes, there is now a Dummies book for people who want to play D&D, but do not have who to teach them and can’t handle reading a bunch of books about it. I always thought half the fun was supposed to be reading the Monster Manual and fantasizing about what you would do if you ever had a friend who could DM who threw that creature at you. The convenience of the modern world now makes it so that you don’t need to go through all those time-wasting hours of fun and can get right to the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of how to be a gamer. It even comes with pregenerated characters so the reader is not confronted with any pesky challenges to his or her imagination.

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