She Bangs!: Miss Dante Cosplay by Raychul Moore


Here at SexyFandom, we love Raychul Moore so much that she graces the cover of the current issue of our Bazowie! Magazine, with a wonderful articulate interview feature inside, where she and our own Jim Phoenix talk gaming, cosplay and more!

Dante is a private investigator, mercenary, and the protagonist in the mind-blowing Devil May Cry” game series. The game series became a hit that it was adapted into a manga and soon after into it’s very own anime which was featured in 2007. He is a half demon, half human mercenary in this epic demon busting series! Prepare for some blasts from his guns, “Ebony and Ivory“.

Raychul Moore‘s Dante Cosplay totally rocks the female version of Dante! A perfect combination of her hotness in her Dante costume and that cold yet really cool aura as Dante.

Photos were taken by Long Thai and Mike Rollerson.

Devil May Cry - Dante

Devil May Cry – Dante


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