Momo Deviluke Cosplay by Misa


The sultry Misa is back for another sizzling anime-themed cosplay. This time, she focuses her creative energies in portraying the pink-haired buxom princess Momo Deviluke, of “To Love-Ru” fame (or infamy, for those familiar with the manga and anime adaptation).

The “To Love-Ru” series is your typical romantic-comedy-harem (one male with multiple female love interests) story with almost-borderline hentai (pornographic) content. Momo Deviluke is one of the many female leads in the story, and she’s the lusty, schemer type female character with a very (very) sexy physique. There are a lot more girls in the series, and they all fit certain “girl archetypes” you commonly find in anime. That’s the nature of a harem anime, really, and the Japanese seem to love this genre, for some reason.

It’s pretty obvious from the photos that Misa is at the top of her game with this lovely wedding gown cosplay. This is essence of cosplay perfection — a sexy cosplayer confident in her trade, rocking an awesomely crafted costume, captured by top-notch photography work.

I’m in complete awe of her right now. No more words. Just look for yourself. As a side note, this particular cosplay is based on a collectible figure released last year. Yes, people collect stuff like this, and they’re usually expensive too.

Misa’s official Facebook page is regularly updated with her cosplays and musings. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

She also has an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a Twitch channel.

“To Love-Ru” can be read as a scanlated (fan scanned and translated) manga in several (unofficial) manga repositories online, or watched in Crunchyroll, the official video streaming website for the series.

Misa's Momo Cosplay
Misa's Momo Cosplay
Misa's Momo Cosplay
Momo Deviluke Figure


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