Intricate Queen of Pain Cosplay by Misa

Whenever I hear the words “queen” and “pain” automatically my mind thinks of DoTA 2. It makes me think of one of the playable characters, Queen of Pain. As a gamer and a cosplayer, it’s become a habit to check out character costumes and the details on them. I’m pretty sure some gamer cosplayers out there are guilty of the same habit.

When I saw Misa’s cosplay of DoTA 2’s Queen of Pain, my eyes immediately went to the details on the costume and the armor and how intricately they were placed and painted.

Misa is a well known Taiwanese cosplayer and gamer girl. She has cosplayed plenty of characters from anime and video games that she likes playing such as League of Legends. She mentioned that her high school actually had a cosplay club and it was after joining the club that she started making and wearing her own costumes to events.

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