Angels of Death Episode 2 Recap


I know you might be confused what this anime is about. If you’ve played the game, okay, you know the story. But this article are for those, like me, encountered Angels of Death for the first time. I am so curious on what the story is about and it’s very interesting. If you are more of a gamer and you want to play the game instead, you can actually download it through Steam. The story line may be the same but you can watch the trailer of the game on Steam through GameSpot Trailers‘ channel.

Who is Rachel Gardner and what is she doing in the weird building with the psychopaths?

Zack agreed to kill her if she agrees to help him get out of the building.

I think Rachel is a lost soul and wants to be finally put to rest and the building is like the purgatory. It also feels like the main character on this anime is Zack and not Rachel. On this episode, Rachel looked like she figured out why she’s there and Zack/Isaac Foster is still clueless.


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