Insatiable Episode 7 Recap : Miss Magic Jesus


This episode of Insatiable will blow your mind!

Patty seems to have it all now. Boys run after her and she’s now a candidate for Miss Magic Jesus. That is IF her sex-that-is-actually-not-sex scandal (as per Patty, no P in the V) doesn’t go viral.

Stella Rose stepped in as a judge for Miss Magic Jesus, which means that’s going to make it hard for Patty to win it.

When Bob A found out that Roxy is Stella Rose’s daughter, he can’t help but think that Roxy may be his daughter! That’s another problem with Coralee that’s screaming to get out so Bob A is desperate to find out if Roxy is indeed his.

Nonnie agreed to go out with Dee but is still not too comfortable about the idea of dating. Patty always remember Nonnie everytime she needs anything because they’re best friends but I don’t think she’ll be there if Nonnie needs her.

Patty finally found someone to help her study the bible (or bible study) with, of course, Christian…and I don’t think she can focus on the studying part.

With Patty losing on Miss Magic Jesus, Bob A and her best friend, she’s got nothing to lose so she decided to go with Christian when he asked her to go with him to Hollywood.


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