Fan Service Filled Nier Automata Cosplay


Anime, video games, and Japanese comics are filled with a plethora of fan service sometimes in the form of clothing or situations. (You’re welcome, virgins.) Fan service is a phenomenon that the “otaku” community are very familiar with and it is a known phenomenon among most gamers while being criticized by others. Some gamers however, seem unperturbed by this kind of fanservice just as some cosplayers don’t mind making the fanservice from the game into reality and a perfectly good example of that is this cosplay of Yorha No. 2 from NieR: Automata portrayed by the alluring Rinka.

Moving away from fan service, evidently this cosplay set is a very beautiful dynamically shot and post processed set of photos. The location was appropriate, the lighting and the ambiance fitted just right, not to mention the costume and the props were high quality. Overall, making an astounding cosplay.


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