Morgiana by Mon Pink Cosplay


It doesn’t happen very often that you choose a photoshoot based on the cosplayer herself and not on the costume she chose to portray. But it did happen to me today as I was looking through Mon’s albums on her page.

I found myself wondering “so this must be the true meaning of cosplay, being unrecognizable as a character and definitely looking like many different ones”. Mon does that perfectly and I had a very hard time trying to choose a photoset to talk to you about.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here is Mon’s Morgiana cosplay from Magi! Doesn’t she look like a true goddess?
I admit, i’m super in love with the angles the photographer chose to capture — making the model look slender, slim and tall completely transforms these photos. What do you think?

Photos were taken by Still Costography. If you’d like to see more from the cosplayer, check out her page.



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