Bishamonten by Koyuki Cosplay


Do you guys know Noragami? Because I’ve never heard about it before. Although, after seeing cosplayer Koyuki portraying Bishamonten from that series, I may just start paying close attention to it! Can’t figure out why? I’ll give you a hint (six hints, actually).

Check out the gallery I gathered below and see for yourself why this must be concerned as soon as possible. Photographer Shiro Ang and Saotome Alto do a great job, too. As we’ve established before, there must be a team effort, and that’s exactly what can be seen in this photoset.

Two photographers and a cosplayer working together to show us a wonderful result! What do you think about the costume?

Photos taken Shiro Ang and Saotome Alto. If you’d like to see more from the cosplayer, check out her page.


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