New League of Legends Cinematic Trailer


“ Star Guardians are destined to burn bright, only to fade away. A mysterious new team lands in town to challenge their fate – Star Guardian Ahri, Miss Fortune, Syndra, Soraka, and Ezreal. Read “Starfall” and explore their Universe: ”

League of Legends has released its promotional trailer for a shiny new anime-inspired Star Guardian skin. Compared to the previous Star Guardian cinematic, the new cinematic is shorter, maybe a tad less dramatic, and it doesn’t have a magical girl-themed music to go with it.

The trailer features mostly Ahri and her glorious transformation scene into a Star Guardian. The trailer also teased four other Guardians behind Ahri, however, their faces weren’t shown. Could this mean that we might be seeing more cinematic trailer for the other Guardians soon? What do you think?


Ahri is a charismatic captain who leads a team of both new and veteran Star Guardians, from the outer edges of the cosmos. Having experienced the pain of losing teammates in the line of duty, she is viciously protective of her “family,” and a strong desire burns within her to ensure no one she cares for ever fades away again. These events have also shaped how she approaches other teams and their captains, especially the less experienced ones like Lux. There’s no more room for patience and understanding in her universe—tough love is all that’s left. Though that be the case, none are immune to Ahri’s own unique charms.


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