Sumptuous Panty and Stocking Cosplay


As someone who grew up watching anime, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things and for some reason, gotten used to the fact that sometimes the anime and the art aren’t always a good basis to know what kind of storyline the anime is going to have. There are anime titles that sound rather promiscuous but much to the male otaku population’s disappointment, it wasn’t what they expected from just reading the title. The anime, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (or PSG), however, is just as virtuous as its title. Think: Adult Swim. So if you’re into that genre, have a go at watching this anime for its adult humor and comedy.

PSG’s storyline may have raised a couple of eyebrows and it may not be for everyone, but it has made follower out of Korean cosplayer, Tuna. Together with her friend, Siho, they have put together a cosplay of the wanton duo, Panty and Stocking, which caught quite the attention of PSG fans overseas.

To keep updated with Tuna and Siho’s cosplay, be sure to check out their World Cosplay profiles:


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