Glorious Nero Claudius Cosplay By Syeiku Doll

What makes a good cosplay?

Derived from the term costume and roleplay, the word cosplaying is simply defined as a person’s ability to accurately dress up and portray as much likeness as they can to a chosen character. By that definition, it’s easy to spot what is a cosplay, but what makes a good cosplay is that it goes beyond what is expected. Prominent cosplayers and photographers understand that when it comes to framing cosplay, it should be more than just a likeness being photographed.

A cosplay photograph should communicate something more. With the use of colors, the location, and the angles, all of these should set the mood for the character. This is pretty much like how Syeiku Doll ‘s cosplay of Nero Claudius (Bride Version) from Fate/ Grand Order turned out to be. Don’t you agree?

If you want to see more of Syeiku Doll’s work, you can follow her at her social media platform on weibo.

Photographer Credits: 虚像馆-草莓

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