Shiro Yoshiwara Cosplay by Kaizer-sama


When you think of umbrella craftsmen, what does usually come into your mind? There aren’t many ideas that come to your mind, is there? However, if we think about it hard enough, we’d probably end up thinking about how skillful and passionate they are about their craft but never about how they look like, right?

Surprisingly, this umbrella craftsman, Shiro Yoshiwara from the manga Adekan, will captivate your soul not just with his artistic skills but also with his awkward yet beautiful nature. (Or should I say sexy! Since he’s pretty careless with his clothing.) Despite his laidback demeanor, Shiro can be pretty reliable in times of need most especially if you are dear to him.

Here’s Kaizer-sama‘s hot Shiro Yoshiwara cosplay. His attention to every detail in this cosplay is as always really highly commendable as well as how sexy he portrayed Shiro’s character in these photos. You could even mistake both him and the character for a girl!


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