Summer Perfect Asuka Langley Cosplay


Hey, Evangelion fans, specially the tsundere fans, here’s a treat for you. Definitely, summer is obviously just around the corner but it’s not everyday that you get to see an Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay at the beach! You can however view it everyday as you please here at Sexy Fandom. This cosplay by Xī tùzǐ is just brilliant. Perfect timing too!

Bet you thought that this anime has been forgotten because it’s old school, huh? Nope. This will always be a classic and even newer generations of anime enthusiasts who weren’t born yet when Neon Genesis Evangelion was released are taking time to backtrack and watch this series and even at present cosplayers are showing their tribute.

Evangelion or “Eva” for short as called by its fans, has become a cultural icon for Japan since its release. The apocalyptic storyline is set in the far future, years after a world cataclysm. To put it short, this is a scifi anime with mecha, and combat, and maybe a little teenage drama here and there.


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