Juri the untamed animal


One cute but hell of a fighting machine. Our character for today is someone who has very strong rivalry with Chun li. Even though Chun Li was able to arrest her twice it really gave her a headache for doing so. We all know that Chun li has this hatred for each and every criminal and that includes our character for today who is Juri. Juri is the first South Korean character and the first Taekwondo user in the Street Fighter series, as well as the first true villainess/anti-villainess and one of the anti-heroes, the first being Sagat. But despite Chun Li’s deep hatred towards her, Juri just brushes it off and makes a light out of it.


Our cosplayer name is Heather or most commonly known as HezaChan. HezaChan currently lives in San Francisco California and has been cosplaying since 2001. Her very first cosplay is in USA Sugoi Convention and has been cosplaying since then. She won awards such as the Best Interpretive Character Skit, Best presentation and Best Overall cosplay in 2006 in different cosplay conventions. She also modeled for VainGlory as the Official Catherine Cosplayer and due to her hard work and talent she was able to be good enough to be a judge recently in KrakenCon Spring.

HezaChan is really cute and sexy in this cosplay. I love how she was able to portray Juri’s character of being evil yet still has the fun, excitement and cuteness with her I love specially the wig since it’s something which is most notable for Juri Cosplay with the spiky twin tail. Heza Chan really looks smoking sexy and battle ready with this Juri Cosplay and have you also noticed the underboob? Damn! To be honest that’s the best part of this cosplay, just kidding.

HezaChan is what you can you say, a Veteran in cosplaying since she’s been cosplaying for more than a decade now and still continues to improve and bring much better cosplay than the previous. So let’s keep supporting her on doing what she love and good with by liking her Facebook Page, Following her on Twitter and purchasing some of her prints and other merchandise in her Official Webstore. Let’s also support her photographer for bringing us her fascinating photos, Ocwajbaum let’s also follow his twitter @Ocwajbaum


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