Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ep 18

As usual, it was a 26-minute (or so) episode, featuring a continuation from the previous episode where the witch fanatics encountered Subaru, with the dead Emilia on his hands, and saw Puck — on his real monstrous form. The action in this episode is only on the first few minutes of the episode, where the witch fanatics leader Betleguese tried to kill Puck with his “invisible hands” but failed to do so, ending up dead and Puck told Subaru that he let Emilia die and did not follow any of her orders. Subaru was frozen to dead (with an evilish laugh similar to Betleguese), it seems he lost his sanity before dying.

Everything went back again on the beginning where Subaru was standing on the appa stand and Rem was there. Did you guys ever notice that besides the room from the mansion, it is always the appa stand where Subaru comes back from dying?

Anyway, the rest of the series is about Subaru asking Rem to run away with him, away from Lugunica, and Rem liking the idea but refuses to run away with him, then Subaru explaining how useless he is and Rem telling him how amazing he is. Rem confessed to Subaru that she loves her but was rejected right away when Subaru said he loves Emilia. I know there are a lot of people who likes this episode and even claims this is the best episode but for me, it is like a dragging episode and does not have enough action as to what should Subaru do next to save everyone, instead of contemplating how useless he is and how in love Rem is with him. Afterall, this is not a romance type of anime, right?

Thinking of this episode as a filler, hopefully, the next episodes will be as exciting and thrilling as the previous episodes.

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