Cute cosplay of Rem


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu or Re:ZERO Starting life in another world had already finished airing and I hope there’ll be more season to follow because of the great story line as well as gore and violent stuffs (for those of you who loved it). What made me say that is because I don’t feel that the last episode is the “real” ending since it left us a lot of questions.

One of the memorable characters of this anime series is one of the twins, namely Rem, who is a kick ass fearless and at the same time, gentle and loving demon. Not only that, she’s cute as hell, too! So, it’s no wonder that amongst the female characters of this series, Rem is more popular compared to Subaru’s love interest, Emilia, and a popular character to cosplayers, too!

Munoko, a cosplayer from Singapore, had effectively cosplayed Rem and captured the same cuteness as our lovely character.


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