Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu episode 25 Season Ender

From where we left off, it seems that Subaru and Julius was not done in defeating Betleguese yet. So how did Subaru get out of this situation? When Julius attacked Betleguese, he tried to possess Subaru but Subaru tried to call out the witch by saying that he has the “Return By Death” power. Inside him, the witch said that Betleguese is not the one and kicked him out of Subaru’s body.

When they thought they had already destroyed Betleguese, the fire stones were missing (which happened to be in the carriage where Emilia and the kids are) so Subaru and the merchant tried to catch up with them.

The other knights were still battling with the cult members when Betleguese ran after Subaru. Good thing that Julius left Ia to Subaru, so it helped him in defeating Betleguese. The fire stones are like bombs that was planted on the carriage to kill them all but Subaru was able to catch up with the carriage and took the fire stones and threw it to the cave near the thousand year old tree that they had cut down when defeating the White Whale.

Good thing, Patrasche, the dragon, protected Subaru when the fire stone exploded, so he was saved and Patrasche was fine. Emilia took care of Subaru and she was there when he woke up. I like the ending on how Emilia understood why Subaru did what he did but I absolutely had no idea if there will be a second season, especially that there’s a lot of story that was not finished yet, like Felt and what happened to her, and the other candidates. If there are news, we’ll keep you posted.

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