A Shimakaze Halloween Treat


Trick or Treat? I say treat! Because this certainly is a sweet treat for Shimakaze fans.

Before cosplay, there was always Halloween. Now we have both and that’s a good thing because what could be more interesting than cosplaying a character who’s also wearing a cosplay to fit a certain theme?

It’s all hallows even and people are ready with their costumes and candy and it seems Aki surely isn’t one to fall behind with this tradition. For those who are not familiar with this character that Aki is cosplaying, this character is called is Shimakaze. She’s a girl with the soul of a battleship from the browser game turned anime called, Kantai Collection. Obviously, this is not Shimakaze’s “default” costume and critics may feel a little bit bothered, however, to those who simply enjoy cosplay whether its modified or not, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a lovely treat for you.


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