Shimakaze Reporting for Duty!


Whenever I think of Kantai Collection merchandise, Shimakaze would automatically be the first character I would expect to see. As I’ve noticed when the merchandise started coming out there were more images if her than of the other girls. I take it she’s popular among the fans.

While browsing through cosplays I stumbled on a particular Shimakaze cosplay which I think is underrated and needs more spotlight. This is by cosplayer named, Emmy.

Emmy is a Russian model and cosplayer who now resides in China. Since in China, it’s difficult if not impossible to access social media websites such as facebook and twitter because it’s banned, she’s only been able to post her works through Chinese websites such as weibo –a sort of Chinese version for twitter. Which is why I think I’ll take this chance to show people this undiscovered (maybe?) talent who’s living all the way in the land where there is no Facebook.


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