Two Ghouls, One Aza


No one to take a photo with? Then why not take a photo with yourself? It’s a sad thought I know, but it sure doesn’t seem that way for Aza who not only had fun portraying two different characters posing together in one photograph but she also took a shot of these characters enjoying an obviously meaty, not to mention bloody, meal together. At first you may think they are different people but upon closer inspection, it’s the same girl cosplaying two characters. It takes a lot of time and effort but you know what they say when you want things done right. In this case –if you want cosplay done right.

If you’re familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, then of course you would be familiar two purple haired ghouls, Rize Kamishiro and Shuu Tsukiyama. While both of them might not share the same level of eccentricity and at some point have contradicting views when it comes to their meat preferences, one thing is for sure though, that as both ghouls, they share a hunger for flesh.


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