Walking Dead cast goes British


I know everyone can’t get over that cliffhanging extreme episode ending of The Walking Dead but we don’t have a choice and wait for the next episode. Just so to quench my thirst for The Walking Dead, I surfed around the net about anything related to the hit series. One interesting fact really caught my attention is that there are a lot of British actors in The Walking Dead! It also surprised me because I never expected them to be British because of the amazing acting and voice acting that really made me think they’re Southern!

Here’s the some of the main characters who are British:

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)

Andrew Lincoln’s real name is actually Andrew James Clutterbuck (reminds me of Harry Potter names) and he was born in London, the son of an English civil engineer and a South African nurse. I really thought, all this time, that he is a Southerner because of the way he pronounced the word “Carl”! On one interview, when they asked him how he managed to speak the way Rick Grimes does, he said that the staff writes and makes him read it a lot of times to make sure he gets the accent right. In real life, he’s a real lively and funny guy.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene)

Lauren was born on January 7, 1982. Her father is American and her mother is British, and has Scottish, Irish, and Norwegian ancestry. Her family moved in United Kingdom with her stepfather (her mother remarried when she was 5) when she was thirteen years old.

Lennie James (Morgan)

Lennie James is a British actor, screenwriter, and playwright. I was surprised on one of The Walking Dead’s behind-the-scene “The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Greetings from the set”, from FOX International Channels’ official YouTube account, when Michael Cudlitz sat down with Lennie James, he talked in his British accent.

I love the accent and I think that British actors in an American role should be commended as well since they put twice the effort in their roles because their tongues are not really American-made, you know? It’s great that the team supports each other to make each scenes — and lines — realistic!


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