Ryuko Matoi by Buta-kun Cosplay


Here comes one sweet but dangerous schoolgirl!

I present you the main protagonist of Kill la Kill, beautiful Ryoko Matoi revived by a sexy Buta-kun Cosplay!

My first thought was – happy dog, happy Cosplayer!

So cute and wrinkly, you are both very sweet, in different ways…

And you, my dear, did a great job here!

I think that your powerful pose and that look in your eyes is so fantastic – guarded and cool at the same time.

Actually, for a moment I thought this was a 3D, but I was so wrong…

Really nice job. Everything is perfect, but that glove especially!

Buta-kun is really interesting Cosplayer so if you want to see more from this amazing girl visit her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page and enjoy in her work.

Photos were taken by Taruki.


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