Cut your way through Kill la kill


“This is a keepsake from my father. And this Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who murdered him! Now, you’re going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to… Satsuki Kiryūin!” -Ryuko Matoi

Our character for today who stripped herself through problems, Ryuko. Ryūko Matoi is the daughter of Isshin Matoi and the main protagonist of Kill la Kill. She transferred to Honnōji Academy searching for the twin of her red Scissor Blade and the person who used it to murder her father. It is later revealed that she had supposedly died after a failed experiment to fuse her with Life Fibers and that she is the younger daughter of Ragyō Kiryūin and sister of Satsuki Kiryūin.

The cosplayer followed the navy blue sailor uniform of Ryuko Matoi which stands as Senketu’s appearance. Her shirt is a crop top with mid-length sleeves that bares her midriff. She also followed the sailor-style collar with red stripes is tied by a multicolored scarf that also serves as Senketsu’s left “eye.” Senketsu’s right eye is covered by a black “eyepatch” with an X-shaped scratch over it which is funny because her father also has this eyepatch in the anime. My personal favorite for this cosplay is the gigantic scissor which is the half of the whole scissor blade, the ultimate blade which can cut through life fibers. Another bonus for this cosplay is the very teasing photo where she didn’t wear anything and was just being covered by her sailor outfit and scissor blade.

Now our cosplayer for today is one of Milligan Vick‘s model, Rita. Milligan is a professional photographer, make up artist, graphic artist who knows a lot of model or cosplayers who she can collaborate with either making a costumer with or for her and doing the photoshoot and lightroom editing. See for yourself the expression, the costume, the hair, the body feature of the model really matches the character. For all I can say this is one of Milligan Vick’s masterpiece. View more of Milligan Vick’s work at her website and don’t forget to follow her twitter.


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