Real-life Doll from the Great White North


There are a lot of cosplayers who looks like a doll or a real-life anime character but no one comes as close as Shiro. She’s from Canada and she’s not just another pretty face. She’s very talented as well! She’s not only a cosplayer but she also prints and makes her cool is that?!

She has her own Facebook page which not only features her Cosplays but at the same time, a store where you can order prints and costumes. While other cosplayers buy or rent their costumes, this gal makes her own.

As for her photos, she works with Novii Photography on most of her photoshoots but sometimes, she works with Kings Cosplay, Kaze Photography , RedeemArts, JwaiDesign Photography and Ace T. Cosplay & Photography.

If you would like to see what Shiro is up to, you may check her schedule with her convention and update to her store (which is currently under renovation) by going to her Facebook page, Tumblr, Instagram, Deviantart, World Cosplay and Twitter accounts.


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