Corina as Ada Wong from Resident Evil


One of the things I really dig about Cosplay Erotica is their choice of models and class. Here is a set with Corina. Now, I have to warn you there are two very stellar pictures that I adore in this set that I cannot show you. I mean there is one picture from the front where she is starting to shed her top. The top is coming down and her breasts are just starting to make themselves known. The look on her face is, well, it is a mixture of erotic and a bit of a calm sensuality. It is hard to explain, but that’s why you can look at the picture yourself. The other picture that really stands out in this set is a picture shot from behind. She is posing in the shot with her back to us, her pants are off, and the red coat rests on her body with the collar up like if Fonzie was recasted as a greatly sensual model.

I can just make out a hint of tattoo in one of the pictures, but do you know what I can even see a hint of? Let’s just say, she is smooth like Fonzie in more than one place.


Model is Corina. She changed dramatically as we started to work and gave everything for the photos. Here are a preview images from her set as Ada Wong from the game Resident Evil. Ada possesses a sarcastic sense of humor, and constantly retains a cool, calm, and collected demeanor, being rarely startled or shaken by anything.


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