Violet Evergarden

Ever since visual novels appeared in 2004, I was really hooked up with it. It’s like reading at the same time watching an anime. I’ve always loved reading so visual novels work for me. The first one I read is True Remembrance by Shiba Satomi and it leaves somewhat a cold but at the same time feel-good feeling after reading it.

After True Remembrance, it felt like the visual novels had died down (or maybe it’s just me) and I can’t find other visual novels that can surpass my experience with True Remembrance.

Then, very recently, I’ve read through an article that Kyoto Animation had announced through a commercial about author Kana Akatsuki and illustrator Akiko Takase’s Violet Evergarden novel. The song itself leaves a feeling of indescribable reminiscence of the past and a warm feeling. This reminded me of True Remembrance. But what’s good about this is that, at the end of the commercial, it announces an anime adaptation as well. That’s good because if there are others who prefers to watch an anime rather than reading a visual novel, then they can relate to this! However, Kyoto Animation has not mentioned when the release will be –both for the visual novel and anime — but it surely is going to be released. Better watch out for Kyoto Animation’s announcements for details.

So far, the story about Violet Evergarden is that, Violet Evergarden is an Auto Memories Doll. I don’t know if they call that in a singular or plural form but that is what they call it — Auto Memories Doll. The Auto Memories Doll was invented by Professor Orland for his wife but then mass produced for the entire world to benefit from. Violet Evergreen has a blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a sweet voice.

Originally, the first novel alone was published last December by KA Esuma Bunko. This novel is so good, it won the grand prize in the fifth Kyoto Animation Award program’s novel category in 2014. It’s really a surprise for a first timer to win such a prestigious award. It not only won on one category though, it won on THREE categories : novel, scenario, and manga.

Having read all of this, I can’t wait for the announcement when the official release of the visual novel and

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