Sinisterly Naughty Librarian Penny Poison


Imagine walking into a library and seeing the beautiful Penny Poison waiting to take you on a wonderful trip down the world of the dark arts.

If you are having a hard time picturing that, then let this BlueBlood gallery show you this incredible fantasy led by the super gorgeous gothic librarian Penny Poison.

Even if you are not much of a reader, or a follower of the occult, Penny Poison makes you curious enough for you to want to return many times to her library in the hopes that maybe she’ll show you a bit more of her naughty, dark, BarelyEvil side (and she will).

The only problem is that, once you lay eyes on that charming smile (with her gorgeous makeup, hairstyle and clothing that seems to disappear the more you look at it), you will immediately forget what led you to walk into that bookstore in the first place, and will instead be thinking about how to keep the librarian’s attention for as much time as possible.


Just in time for back to school, the occult librarian is ready to teach you a lesson! Penny Poison has a religious background and she has been collecting occult books for many years. The really big leather bound tome you will see in this series has her own handwritten incantations. And, yes, we shot this series in her real life dining room. Awesome!
–Amelia G




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