Princess Dawn Willow


Fellow nerdy folks all over have been asking me for ages why I don’t cover Dawn Willow, but I’ve never seen her online before. Jim Phoenix did write her up back in July in Dawn_Willow goes Moo. Today, I finally spotted her live! Dawn Willow is wearing a sweet frilly princess dress and furry indigo kitty cat ears. She says she has an insertable kitty cat tail for a little later, as her show progresses today. She also has some Bad Dragon toys which imply that she is planning on doing a performance which could be entitled Princess Kitty Cat Meets Godzilla.







Username: Dawn_Willow
CamScore: 3826
Gender: Female
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 22
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Marital Status: Single
Tags: brat, sexy, bigtits, jailbait, blue eyes, ageplay, ddlg, cute, gamer, nerd, tease, new, anal, shaved, 18, goddess, girl next door, fetish, abdl, findom, teen, toys, naughty, brunette, diaper, baddragon, furry, ass, dirty, roleplay, feet, implants
Interests & Hobbies
Favorite Books:
Elsewhere , Jurassic Park , The Great Gatsby , The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy , White Fang
Favorite Songs:
CAKE – End of the Movie
Favorite Movies:
Transcendence , The Great Gatsby , Her, The Wolf On Wall street , Natural Born Killers, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Minis First Time, Thirteen, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Elysium, The Matrix


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