Join Penny Poison For A Naughty Shower


Penny Poison looks how I imagine Jean Grey from the X-men would look like if you added a bit more of Gothic Sluts to her, and she was letting you witness as she lathers herself up.

This Blueblood gallery allows you to imagine stepping into the shower with this exquisite woman, and coming out debating whether you feel cleaner, or dirtier.

Something riveting about Penny Poison’s intense gaze is that it meets you and makes you wonder if you are ready for what she has to offer, as her makeup smears at the same time that the water cascades down her body giving her an even sultrier demeanor.


I know we just had a Penny Poison update for the Barely Evil portion of the show, but this is Gothic Sluts, so, uhm . . . I don’t recall where I was going with this. Penny Poison is just really hot. The only excuse I find acceptable for a shower not having a tub is having a glass door I can shoot through. I love how Forrest Black and I were able to capture the water in midair splashing against her porcelain skin and the contrast of her auburn hair.
–Amelia G




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