Penny Poison In Hot Tub Wearing A Tiny Bikini


Penny Poison is wearing a very sexy, tiny and revealing black bikini with purple hints that completely lets you see her gorgeous figure while she looks at you lasciviously and shows off her body to you while sneaking a delightful caress or two, in a GothicSluts way.

The way her sumptuous breasts look in that top of hers in this BlueBlood set is simply magnificent, as it creates a feel of excitement for when you get to see her without anything on, and that moment does come, but first she gets into a hot tub and displays her wet body to you, and once you are good and ready she begins taking her clothes off in a smooth way where she first lets you see her tattoos and then she proceeds to tease you with her fully naked body in some very creative positions while her body remains submerged in the water, tempting you with the depths of her sensuality.



When I was very young, I remember sneaking looks through an Art of Pin-up book that was in my Mom’s collection. I don’t recall the exact name, but it had a whole history of amazing pin-up graphics, photos, excepts from interviews, etc. and I was kind of fascinated with a passage about the iconic beauties selling their bath water through the mail. I don’t know how popular this really was back at the time, but the idea just kind of struck me. I think it’s interesting that the cam performers today have their own versions of this, the sort of impersonal personal, intimacy from afar. These fun shots Amelia G and I got to do with Penny Poison really reminded me of those old memories, for obvious reasons. She’s so cool and sexy and fun to work with. I really like these and I hope you do too.
~Forrest Black





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