Rhapsocostume’s Imperious King Joffrey Game of Thrones Cosplay


King Joffrey has a very distinct grimace, and Rhapsocostume nails it in this Game of Thrones cosplay. Joffrey’s cruel, haughty character traits are transparent here through the facial expression and a ramrod straight posture. And with that fabulous purple and gold tunic and crown factored in (Rhapsocostume made the costume herself!), there’s no room left for doubt: this Joffrey is an impossibly powerful, invulnerable, and, all things considered, pretty sick king. The photos by Mercy Fox Photography bring out Joffrey’s high station with some excellent low-angle shots. This cosplay, depicting him on his wedding day, carries a sense of foreboding that’s completely appropriate given what happens later.


Joffrey – Purple Wedding
Game of Thrones

Costume by me
Photos by Mercy Fox Photography


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