Santatory’s Elegant Margaery Tyrell Game of Thrones Cosplay


Game of Thrones takes place within a fantasy realm, which sometimes makes it difficult for GOT cosplayers to find a fitting locale for their photos. I’m shocked that Santatory had access to a place that even remotely resembles Highgarden in this cosplay. But she did, and the result is a hauntingly accurate photo that makes me think for a second that GOT is real and, hence, makes me fear for my life. The stately statues and steps place Margaery in her home environment without eclipsing her. Starbit Cosplay really brings the location to life with adept photography, and Santatory shares Margaery Tyrell’s gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, making this cosplay perfect in nearly every regard.


Margaery Tyrell cosplay by me santatory King Joffrey cosplay by anarkistbavern Photography by starbitcosplay


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